Kamikaze Casting

A Kamikaze attitude!

We go above and beyond in order to complete a mission, project or job. We are defined by passion, organization, efficiency, and the ability to bring our directors vision to life.

My team of casting associates are well trained and hardworking professionals with years of experience in the field of acting as well as casting.
We have built a network that reaches far and wide, spanning from relationships with local and international talent agencies to people in various communities through sport or special skills due to street/ talent scouting. 

Our Services

We specialize in performance direction in studio and real people street casting/talent scouting. We can cast from any location to find the real people, actors, and special skills talent and create imaginative and cost effective solutions to every casting brief.

Casting for TV commercials and Films for all media for local and international clients.
We preselect talent strictly according to clients brief to deliver the best options for the job.
Easy to navigate web presentation links for all projects. These are same day presentations sent after casting that can be seen anywhere in the world.
Live streaming Skype or Zoom cast callback sessions with upload to site to view presentation after session ends.
Up to date software to host selfie castings.
100% BBBEE certified.
Covid-19 compliant.
Access to various studios to suit casting requirements in and around the CBD area. All of the studio owners adhere to the Covid-19 regulations.
Kamikaze Casting Studio


Image of Lee-Ann Hendrickse

Lee-Ann Hendrickse

Founder and Director
20 years ago, I began my journey to become a Casting Director with a small local client base and growing into working with clients from around the globe.

During this time I have developed a keen eye and mad skills for talent scouting and street cast. My career in the film industry started as a Production/Casting Assistant at Rae Goodwin Casting from 2000 – 2005. Working with this industry legend Rae Goodwin as my mentor, inspired me to become a Casting Director. Since then I have been working as an Independent Casting Director. I LOVE MY JOB and the magic of finding the perfect cast to meet director’s vision is extremely rewarding to me. I am a people’s person and the task of finding the right “fit” for a certain role fulfils me on many levels.

Clients & Testimonials

Valentia Visher

What a pleasure to work with Lee-ann and her team! Lee-ann is always there, available to talk through the process, happy to change direction if needed. She is completely focused from beginning to end.

Renier Ridgeway
Producer at Silverlining Pictures

Lee-ann has been our Casing Director on a number of challenging productions over the years. Through her commitment, professionalism and perseverance we’ve always managed to secure the perfect talent for the required role.

Isabelle Longue Roussel
Artistic Director Films

Your casting was great, amazing, perfect. I was on the set and all the members of the crew told me the same – the casting is unbelievable. So thanks to you and your team and be ready for the next one!

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